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Hello all,
At last friday I was at an exhibition opening party in Halbturn, where I get the luck to hear a new austrian guitarist playing phantastic songs.
His name is Diknu Schneeberger and he has his trio with father Joschi Schneeberger (bass) and Martin Spitzer (rhytm guitar).
If you like guitar, have a look to the following „Youtube“ movies.
At following, he is 18 years old, today he is 20!!
The following is composed by himself and performed last year:
For me, he sounds like Al di Meola or Paco de Lucio, when they were at the same age.
At friday, he played riffs, I never heard from any guitarplayer and I have seen them ALL in the last 40 years.
I will try to make a story about him and his family at the next time.
Enjoy and liebe Grüße Hannes

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